Climate Risks in Portsmouth video

We are working with University of Portsmouth academics and students to create social media videos outlining the local impacts of climate change and what we can do to prepare for them.

In November 2021, The Board, University and Portsmouth City Council collaborated to run a Portsmouth Climate Festival around the same time as the very important global climate summit called COP 26.

One of the events at the festival was called Climate Risks in Portsmouth, and involved local academics detailing the significance of climate change for our city. We are now working with students from the Creative Technologies department to film the same academics for a couple of short videos; the intention is to share this expert knowledge in an accessible format and reach a wider audience via social media.

There are two factors about Portsmouth that put it at an elevated risk from climate change: firstly it is an island at sea level, with only three roads on and off it, and secondly it is very densely populated with a lack of green spaces and trees. Both of these factors mean that both flooding and heatwaves will likely have a more damaging effect here than in other less crowded and more rural places.

The video will not just highlight the local impacts of climate change: it will also shine a light on ways to reduce emissions and prepare for the coming changes already locked in