In Southsea alone there are now three shops focused on offering sustainably grown / organic food and products: Herbies, Package Free Larder and Wild Thyme Whole Foods. Across the UK, sales of organic food and drink rose by 4.5% last year to a record £2.45bn. Shoppers typically make two more monthly trips to buy organic produce than they did five years ago, according to the latest Soil Association report.

Wild Thyme Whole Foods

Wild Thyme are a worker co-operative who run an independent wholefood shop in Southsea, with a juice bar and take away counter. They sell a wide range of natural, fairtrade and organic food, all of which are vegan. Worker co-operatives are businesses that are owned and controlled by the people who work in them: Wild Thyme runs on a not-for-profit basis with all workers having equal pay and status.

They employ 7 people and have a turnover of about £500,000 a year.

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