Digital sales and delivery

In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion consumers worldwide bought goods online, generating e-retail sales of $2.8 trillion. Profitability for home delivery companies is all about how cost-effectively they can travel the last mile. The last mile also tends to generate the greatest carbon emissions. Using green delivery vehicles is the only way to keep e-retail sustainable both ecologically and economically.

Zedify zero emission deliveries

Zedify deliver parcels via electric-powered cargo bikes, trikes and vans: this reduces carbon emissions, air pollution and congestion in our cities. They do both first mile and last mile deliveries with national and global parcel carriers, with full tracking and bespoke delivery windows. They also do local deliveries from shops and businesses.

Started in Cambridge and Brighton two years ago, the business has expanded to Central London, Waltham Forest, Southampton, Winchester, Norwich, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. They have around 80 employees in total- on contracts that pay a living wage – and an annual turnover of around £1m. Their target is to have depots serving 30 cities in the next 3 to 5 years.

In June 2019 alone, they delivered 31,869 parcels by e-vehicle. By providing an alternative to diesel vans they save 426 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 1001kg of NOx per year.

They also work with several Local Authorities supporting their transport plans and emission reduction schemes.

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