We’re building a shared vision of Portsmouth transformed

Portsmouth Climate Action want our city to be at the forefront of the evolution that the climate emergency demands of us. That means transforming the way we do business, shop, travel, grow our food and power our homes. Discover who we are and how we can get there together.

What we want to achieve

A healthier and happier city, showing that greening Portsmouth offers abundance not austerity. Here’s how:

The changing climate

Since the start of the industrial era, human activities have warmed the planet by just over 1°C. We are already seeing the consequences. The effects we are having are accelerating. If we carry on as we are, we are putting our community at great risk. Learn more →

Who we are

Portsmouth Climate Action CIC is a partnership of many organisations, representing different aspects of the Portsmouth community. Scroll down to see current members and click here to find out more about us.

Kristina Downey

Board Adviser
Portsmouth City Council

I am the Strategy Adviser for Climate Change at Portsmouth City Council. The Council is committed to achieving net zero for our operations by 2030, and working with the Board to help our cities' businesses and residents achieve the same.

Simon Barrable

Portsmouth Education Partnership

The Principal of Portsmouth College, Simon has spent 25 years in sixth form education. He is passionate about the life chances that education offers, as well as the social responsibility it should develop. This includes a commitment to environmental sustainability in the city and beyond.

Clare Martin

Portsmouth Football Club

I head up Pompey in the Community, the charity affiliated to Portsmouth Football Club. We use the Pompey logo to engage and enthuse participants of all ages and deliver education, inclusion, health and coaching activities as well as fan activation on a match day. I'm proud to represent Portsmouth FC on the Board.

Councillor Ashmore

Portsmouth City Council

As the Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change at Portsmouth City Council, I am dedicated to helping achieve the Council's ambition to reach net carbon neutral by 2030. This includes overseeing PCC's plans to improve air quality, increase the use of clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Megan Howson

Portsmouth Friends of the Earth

I am Joint Coordinator of Portsmouth Foe. As a group, we campaign for a healthier, sustainable environment. We believe that our local knowledge and experience will help the Board develop a climate plan that will be embraced by the people of Portsmouth.

Commodore Bailey

Portsmouth Naval Base

As Naval Base Commander I recognise that we play an important role in the city’s future. The Naval Base is committed to cutting carbon across transport, power generation and infrastructure in order to move towards MOD’s ambition for a Net Zero Carbon Naval Base and to support the City’s aim of being Carbon Neutral.

Sapphire Rance

University of Portsmouth

I am the Academic Representation Officer at the University of Portsmouth Students Union where I help with Representation schemes that can benefit student experience. It is important to have student representation at a board level as our students are our future, and what action we do now will determine what that looks like.

Jim Barker

Portsmouth Water

As Head or Water Resources for Portsmouth Water it is my job to make sure we are able to continue to supply plentiful clean and safe drinking water to our customers for the next 100 years, even in the face of climate and population pressures. Portsmouth Water are working hard to find new sustainable sources of water.

Nick Sebley

Portsmouth Climate Alliance

I work as a Research Assistant for the Sustainability and Environment team at the University and represent the Portsmouth Climate Alliance on the board. I am also the father of a 17-month-old daughter, who I want to have a liveable future.

Trevor Mose

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

I work in the Estates & Facilities Team at PHU. As one of four NHS Trusts serving Portsmouth and one of the largest employers in the region we have a large environmental footprint. We are just beginning our journey to a net zero future and delighted to be part of the board.

Stef Nientowalski

Shaping Portsmouth

As CEO of Shaping Portsmouth, my vision is for Portsmouth to be the best City in the UK to invest, live, work and visit. This has to be done by sustainable growth without impacting the climate reduction goals we have set. I want my four grandchildren to be proud of the Board's achievements in their later lives.

Mark Scarborough

Portsmouth HIVE

As a trustee of the HIVE Portsmouth I value partnership working with local people, groups and organisations helping to build independence and self-reliance as an alternative to relying on traditional services. Climate change is something we all need to make a difference to.

Jenny Jones


I am a Liveable Cities and Towns Officer for Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity. We know that streets that are made safer for walking and cycling have wide-ranging benefits for local communities. We will seek to ensure that actions in Portsmouth help the city’s residents at the same time as tackling the climate emergency.

Andy Ames

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Andy leads on the ‘Wilder Portsmouth’ initiative encouraging people to create and enhance the wild spaces where they live as well as lessen the impacts of climate change. Andy has lived and worked in the city all his life and is passionate about improving and connecting Portsmouth's wild spaces.